Used oil tanker transport

oilxtruckBack.jpgOil-X-Oil has a fleet of 6 purpose-built tankers, each with a capacity of 9000 litres. The vehicles are fitted with diesel-driven pumps to enable recovery from tanks and pits.  The tankers are manned by trained staff who have extensive experience in the used oil collection business.

Oil-X-Oil drivers collect used oil adhering to stringent rules, procedures and regulations to ensure the safe and responsible collection and transportation of this waste. Used oil collected is brought to the FFS Chloorkop processing plant where Oil-X-Oil is based.

The used oil is off-loaded into holding tanks from where it is re-refined for recycling or energy recovery.

Oil-X-Oil is a member in good standing of the National Oil Recycling Association of South Africa (NORA-SA) and complies with their code of conduct and standards.